APPLE PAY™ & DoverPhila

Apple Pay™

The next innovation in banking is calling: mobile payments. DoverPhila and Apple Pay™ are making it easy for you to pay on the go with your Apple® device. Here's what you need to know to get started:

What is Apple Pay™ ?
Apple Pay™ is a contactless payments technology that allows you to make secure purchases with your card with just one touch of an iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, or a new iPad®. Now make purchases without:

  • Fumbling through your wallet or purse to find your card
  • Swiping your card
  • Revealing credit card information to merchants

How do I use it?
Apple® has made it easy to get started with mobile payments., You will only need to download the latest update of iOS 8 to activate it. No additional apps to download.
To pay with your DoverPhila credit card using Apple Pay™, simply:

  1. Add your DoverPhila credit card to Passbook® by taking a picture of it with an iPhone® 6 or iPhone® 6 Plus
  2. Touch to pay. Ready to buy? Use Touch ID™ on your device to authenticate your purchase

It's that simple.

Where will Apple Pay work?
In short, all over. With the launch of Apple Pay™, you'll be able to use it in restaurants, popular retailers, and wherever you see a Visa payWave® symbol.

With over 220,000 locations - including national retailers and restaurants - there's no shortage of places you can use your iPhone® to make payments.

Plus, you can make fast, secure purchases within participating apps on your iPhone® or iPad®. With just a touch, and no credit card information to enter, buying is easier than ever.

Is it secure?
With Apple Pay™, your iPhone® and iPad® contains a device-only account number for your purchases. It's this account number plus your unique touch authentication that enables a purchase.

Now, enjoy greater peace of mind knowing:

  • No credit card number or personal information is shared with the merchant
  • Your transaction information isn't stored by Apple®
  • You will continue to enjoy the 24-hour fraud protection your card offers

The ease and security of Apple Pay™ on your iPhone® - it's just one more way we make it easy to pay your way.